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May 26 Track Meet Schedule and Rules

Here is the printable version of our track schedule for Friday, May 26, 2017.  Please remember the following rules put forth by our athletics department:

1. This is a track meet, and we are all guests at Wheatland Elementary.  Please pick up any trash you may generate.  
2. There should not be speakers, tents, skateboards, scooters, footballs or frisbees.
3. Students should RUN through the finish line!  Don't slow back until you've crossed!
4. Bring everything in your backpack including sunscreen, bugspray, epipens, WATER and food
5. Wheatland students have classes, and we need to respect this, but using the washrooms will be permitted.
6. The infield is out of bounds.
7. No hats during events (hats whilst sitting with friends is okay though!)
8. Students may not leave the school grounds. (We will be hosting a barbecue, so food and drinks can be purchased on-site)