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Terry Fox Run

Each year, students at CMJHS participate in the Terry Fox Run. Historically, we have been one of the highest fundraising schools (based on per-student calculations) in the province. In 2010, students again exceeded our school goal for fundraising, bringing in over $7500 for cancer research.

Christmas Charity

After Leadership 9H, 9C, and 9E conducted their four bake sales at breaks and lunch hours, we realized a profit of $304.00.  Thanks to all who baked and sold the baking.  Brentwood School participated by collecting “Change for Chickens”.  They brought in $448.00.   Thanks so much to Brentwood staff, students, and parents for participating!  After the pictures with Santa on December 18, we collected a grand total of $972.23 from the three fund-raisers.  All of this money will go to World Vision Canada toward purchasing chickens, roosters, piglets, and fruit trees for disadvantaged people in Third-World countries.  Thanks to everyone for helping make a difference in our world today!


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