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Alberta Initiative for School Improvement

Great things are happening in Alberta’s classrooms. Since 1999, the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) has been at the forefront of encouraging and promoting creativity and innovation in Alberta schools. AISI supports projects that focus on student engagement, inquiry, critical thinking, 21st century learning, assessment, differentiated instruction, literacy, personalized learning, and much more.

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Other Related Goals:

  1. To improve teacher knowledge, understanding and implementation of "assessment for learning" strategies
  2. To enable teachers to demonstrate utilization of assessment for learning strategies. They will demonstrate this in one or more of the following:
  1. To enable principals to actively participate in changing assessment practices through their role in leading instructional change.
  2. To increase principal efficacy in being able to lead change in assessment.

Key Components:

  1. Focus on curriculum essentials - backward design planning
  2. Articulated learning targets in student friendly learning
  3. Descriptive feedback
  4. Use of models, exemplars
  5. Effective questioning techniques
  6. Peer/self assessment